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New sled and new music tracks.

Friday, April 24, 2009

First Theres a new sled, called a toboggon.

You can buy it on the ski hill for 300 coins.

And now theres some new tracks for the dance contest game,

Break it down!

until next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25 ~

New Pin!

Theres A new pin on club penguin, heres how to find it!

Go to the dojo, and click on the small tree.
You now have the newest pin!

Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25 ~

Its been a long week

Friday, April 10, 2009

ive been busy all week so i cant post pictures for this post yet:
The easter eggs are here! lets find 'em~
The First ones in the town, click the RIGHT light on the night club and click the egg

The Second one is at the cove in the water

the third one is in the mine, move your mouse over the cart surfer game , and the eggs in the cart that comes.

The Fourth one is at the dojo, click the lantern

The Fifth one is in the gift shop, click on the fuzzy hat.

The Sixth one is at the ski lodge, its in the bucket of fish

the seventh one is on top of the mountain, click the tope of the pole.

the last one is at the light house beacon, click the on-off switch,
You Found Them! Happy Easter! ( video coming soon )
Until next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25 ~

Notice a header change?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hi Penguins!babai
My Banner, Now will change for holidays and events.star
For example, my header now is gonna be like an April fools header till April 6th.
Or, if a friend of mine has a b-day, ill add it on the header!celebrate
( the banner wont change, ill just add to it! )

Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25 ~

Warp to the box dimension!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hiya Penguins!babai
Theirs a weird world of boxes that ONLY members can access.!..

Now heres a guide on how to go there!menari

First go to the snow forts and go into the box store.

Next go to the box with the word : purchase box" on it.

Next buy the portal box.

Next put it in your igloo.sengihnampakgigi

now step on it and your in the box dimension!

Have fun at the party!

( This Post Is warped a bit, lol )

Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

April Fools Free Item!

Hi Penguins!babai
No new free item! :(

Well, its the blue april fools hat!
to get it, go inside the mine and click on the box of hats.

Happy April Fools Day!jelir

Until Next Time,waddle on!

~Minun 25 ~