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Thursday, December 25, 2008

From the free membership contest the winners are:
.....Told Soon....Ill extend the contest till tomorrow...So, Merry christmas!
I got:
Two new ds games,
I got more but i cant remember! :)

~Minun 25~

Free Club Penguin Membership contest!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Its all true, I'm hosting my very first club penguin FREE MEMBERSHIP contest!

It starts today and ends tomorrow. ( you can know WHY it ends tomorrow.)
Just do the following things.
~Post a comment with your penguin name and email and your entered!~
Only Three will win, yep, three winners!
so post your comment today! it all ends tomorrow ( and we will announce the winner tomorrow too! )
Well, lets do this thing!
Until Next time,wadlle on!
~Minun 25~

Christmas party is HERE!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its Here, The wait is OVER!

Its so tottaly awesome! a bunch of places are covered in so much snow that theres snow tunnels!
Well, i better get to the cheats!
Lets start with the pin!!
to find the pin do the following ( just do what i say,ok? LOL! )
1:go to the ski lodge,
2: click on the prestent.

Well, that was easy, wasnt it?! :)

Next The two free items. :)
The first on is the santa hat located at the snow forts.

The next one is the sant beard and its at the ski village...nice and cozy. :)
Umm...What now?
A bunch more!
Theres 3, yes 3, new books to read!
Well, even the HQ, Dojo, And the ninja hideout are decorated!!!
even cooler, if you remeber from penguin chat 3, some places you could see snow falling right? well, at the ice berg and skii mountain, there IS snow falling! :P
Also, the ice rinks back....Sweet!

Well, see the rest for your self ok?

Until Next Time,waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Heavy Snow Tommorow

According to the newspaper, theres a snow warning for cp.
As you can remember from the 2006 club penguin christmas party:

Well, We will all see tomorow.
(Sure ill post penguins! )
Until Next Time,waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Party Sneak Peek!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A new christmas party sneak peek has been released!
Its Looks SWEET!
Cant wait to party!
Until Next Time,waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Christmas Party Sneak Peek??

Monday, December 15, 2008

I logged on today to look for rockhopper...( Though i already met him last year.)
And something is at the town,skii village and cove ...Probbaly for the christmas party! Sweet!
Its a box of...snow?
Check it out!
Until Next Time,waddle on!
~Minun 25~


Thursday, December 11, 2008


You gotta see his ship!
GIGANTIC Snowhopper...ready to take over the world! Augh!
Yes, Hes Brought an item...its not new. :(
Cool Mutant Parrot!
Now For Coins For Change
First, Rockhoppers Updated The Treasure hunt game to christmas style!
Now Theres Three Locations To donate to coins for change..
Rockhoppers Qaurters.
Hey, Thats Not all!
theres a new igloo catalog!!
Theres Only...Two Secrets???
Well, Here they are!

And you get....A leaning tree! ( sorry, no pic of tree )
And Now...
Well Thats All!
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Secret Revealed!

My Secret Is...
Im Lady Maryanns New "Blogger Of The Month"!

Dont I Look Cool?? Lol!Read More About It Here

Also, Ill be posting the cheats of Coins For Change And Rockopper!

See Yah!

Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

I Bet you didn't notice this...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If you look in the newspaper,
Rockhoppers treasure hunt game is a bit different...Instead of jewels There's a candy cane!

Until Next Time,Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Party Sneak Peek!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The New Christmas Sneak Peek is here! Its Sweet!

Isn't it cool?

I wonder what rockhoppers surprise is!
Im having a party soon!
( I have a cool surprise to tell you guys about soon! )

Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Minun 25's guide to club penguin

Friday, December 5, 2008

Heres My Quick And Cool Guide to cp!

Need more help? Just Ask Me!
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Catalog Cheats!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The New Catalogs Out! Its Sweet!
Here Are The Cheats!
well.....Here's a new TWIST...
I'm Taping The Cheats On VIDEO!
Don't like it?
Tell Me!
Here It Is:

Cant See it good? Go Here.
Im Going a litte crazy this month.
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

New Pin!

The New Pins Here!
To find it:
1: Go to the puffle shop
2: Click the Snow Fort.

Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Rockhopper Approches...

You Can see rockhopper in the telescope again!.. But remeber when he said " Special Surprises"?
if you look closley, he has christmas decorations on his ship! (Its also a bit green )
If You cant see the special stuff, us my "BCPT Super Zoom"
Until Next Time,waddle on!
~Minun 25~

12 Days Of....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Well, You Know!
Its My Holiday video!

Cool, Huh?

Theres More About It On My BCPT christmas site!

Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

BCPT Holiday Video.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A BCPT Holiday video is coming very soon!
Its Pretty Funny To me.
Ill hope to get it done this week.
( I'M Getting A Black Ds Lite HOPEFULLY ) Lol
( BCPT Holiday site coming soon )

Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~