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New Sports Catalog Cheats!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Here are the hidden items in the sports catalog!

The First One is the silver surf board, To find,
1: Go to the page were the surf boards are,
2: Click The The Surf Board The Penguins Holding, Click the star fish then the clam

To Find The Pommel Hosre,Do This:
1: Go tothe sports furniture,
2:click the N in furniture

Thats All???
( Theres A new postcard also )
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Holiday comix

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Check The BCPT comix NOW!
Updated With HOLIDAY comixs Al the time! ( Well, SOMEtimes )
Until Next Time,Waddle On!
~Minun 25~

Minun Is a NINJA!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Thursday, November 20, 2008

The New Pin Is Here!
To find it:

1:Go to the beach
2: Click on the snow flake tile.

You now have the new pin!
( Its Like the snow power in card jitsu! )
~Minun 25~

New Catalog!

The New Catalog Has Come Out
So, I guess you want to know the cheats, Eh?
Well, Ive Got Em!

The First One Is The Leaning tree, To find it:
1:Go To page 1 of the catalog
2:Click The Ribbon.
The Next One Is The Welcome Mat, To find it:
1:Go To Page 3.
2: Click The Control Terminal.
(Yeah, Ive STILL got a pumpkin )
The Next One Is The Music Stand, To find it:
1: Go to page 9 of the catalog,
2:click the guitar stand
Thats all....?
Oh, And In the coutume trunk at the stage, on the first page, click the radio for the wand.
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Catalog Sneak peek

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The New Catalog sneak peek is here, and its Christmas Stuff,Cool!
Kinda Early, What do you think?
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

New Game!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The NEw game is here!
Its soo awesome
Sorry, I cant get info or pics...
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

New settings!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Settings On Club Penguin Have Changed!

You can now see what server your on and mute the music! SWEET!

Pretty Cool, Huh?
New Music Video Coming Soon!
Until Next Time,Waddle on!
~Minun 25~


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The dojo has been updated, and its AWESOME!
But there's not much to do there...Yet...

It also has a new free item! WOOT!

They're Kinda Big...
Theres A gong show inside he dojo, you wait five minutes,
And You throw snowballs at the gong!

I cant wait till Monday, Can you?
( If you look at mimo777's post, I'm in the gong picture! )
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

New Play Sneak Peek!

The Writers Block Is OVER!
The New Play is coming November 21st!
ALSO they have a sneak peek!
SWEET! I cant wait ( But Right Now, I cant wait for Ninjas! )
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~


The News came out today.
AND it reveals the sensie!
Here's how he looks:
And there's a dojo grand re-opening party from November 14-16
SWEET! i cant wait till it! Im Getting all the pictures and cheats!
Until Next Time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Secret Ninja!

Monday, November 10, 2008

ANOTHER ninja was found.

To find it, go to to the the dojo,
Click the light bulbs from left to right, then click the wear a hard hat sign.

It looks like the poster from the disney channel commercial.
Pointless Video Coming soon
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Return Of Coins For Change!

Club Penguins Bringing back "coins for change"!
I can remember last years coins for change, we all got a bell!
If you werent here last year, you donate coins in buckets in various places in club penguin,

But you have three choices to donate to, and three amonuts of coins, when you first donated, you would get a "Thank You Card ".

Heres the " Coins For Change Logo:

They Also Gave away a rare scarf at the christmas party last year: But Im not sure theyre giving away the scarf again...

Make Sure you donate this year!
Until Next Time, Waddle On!
~Minun 25~

MORE ninjas!

First of all, the dojos getting better,
And Well get trained November 17th, AWESOME!

The Ninja Trainers Getting Closer!
Plus, Most of the top of the dojo is almost finished, Isn't the dojo AWESOME?

Plus, There's even MORE ninja sightings, check them out!
The First One is at the town, click the "N" in the night club, and a ninja comes bouncing in! ( Its Just Like Clicking the "N" on the old homepage! )

This video shows it in action:

The Second one is at the plaza, the foot prints have disappeared, but if you wait a while, a ninja bounces in and leaves the footprints!

This Is So awesome!,

One More thing, you can see more of the dojo on the map!

Yep, On November 17th, we shall be trained!

I cant wait!

Until Next Time,Waddle on!
~Minun 25~


BCPT Comix
"Club Penguin Comics Made By Minun 25"
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

New Catalog Secrets!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Catalog has come out!
Here's the secrets and the NINJA.

To find the pink pom-pom do this:
1: go to page 1 of the catalog.
2:click the big snow flake.
To find the Russian hat do this:
1:Go to page 2 of the catalog.
2: click the tip of the tree.
To Find the RED viking helmet do this:
1: go to page 3 of the catalog.
2:click the red penguin in the snow fort.

To Find the blue viking helmet helmet click on and off the penguin 4 times to find the black super hero mask do this:
1: go to page 4 of the catalog.
2: click the second star on the second row.
to find the mixed bracelets do this:
1: go to page 9 of the catalog.
2: click the "N" In the word clearance.
to find the jade necklace do this:
1: go to page 10 of the catalog.
1:click the "N" In the word clearance

Also, there's a hidden NINJA in the catalog!
I love all these ninjas!

~Minun 25~

New pin

The New pin is at the forest, to find it:

1: Go to the forest;
2: click on the snow shovel.

They have 2 shovel pins, one red one. ( you have it?)
until next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~

New Game!

A new games coming out soon!

Its A multi player game, so you can play with friends!
The coolest thing about this game is that you'll be able to use codes from the soon to be released Club Penguin Trading Cards to make your game even better!
I cant wait too see how to play!
( probably tomorrow there will be more ninja secrets or that sensei guy will move an inch farther in that path! LOL )
Until Next Time,Waddle on!
~Minun 25~


Cool New Newspaper today!
I has a secret "Ninja" Messege.
Select N I N J A on the second page.

Then A secret message comes up!

AWESOME cheat, huh?

Ninjas ARE coming to club penguin!
Until Next time, waddle on!

~Minun 25~

Ninja At Ski Lodge!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Ninja Was Spotted at the ski lodge!... IN THE WINDOW!
This Is the biggest proof of ninjas YET!
Yes, i always has thought it was a ninja shadow, AND IT WAS!
Just Look at it for yourself:

There Is No Doubt, Ninjas Are coming to club penguin!

( P.S, Im Getting a nintendo ds lite soon! )

Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Ninja At Gift Shop!

A Ninja Was Spotted At The Gift shop, Check it out!

Pretty cool!

I Cant wait for more!

( Sorry about the player card at the beginning )
Until Next time,waddle on!
~Minun 25~


More Ninjas Were Spotted On Club Penguin.

1: The Window in the skii lodge, the shadow moves so you see its head for a few seconds.
2: The Shadow in the heap of clolthes and hangers and stuff, dissapears and the shadow is left to the clothes and is a ninja body.
3: The Boat on club penguin home page has a shadow of a penguin haed in it.
Sorry, No Pictures.
About Number One, WE WERE RIGHT! it was a ninja shadow!
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Ninja Spotted a the dojo

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now a ninja was spotted at the dojo, It Bounces off the windows!
Until Next Time, Waddle on!
~Minun 25~


Monday, November 3, 2008


The dojo was buired in snow and we have to help dig it out...

BUT a ninjas trainers helping!!
( He Looks Old, Look At his penguin color, its gray! )
Take A look!
Im Goin' Faint Any Moment!

I dont really care about that...
I just care about the NINJA TRAINER!
if anything happens ill notify you!!
Until next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Club Penguin Watch.

Club Penguin now released a watch!
Mimo 777 Says its top secret, its not, its on the toys r us web site.

I Might Get one.

Look, Heres A description:

"Club Penguin digital watch, blue plastic jelly band, brushed silver case, bubble crystal, floating penguin and snowflakes."

Thats One Awesome watch!

Until Next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~