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Friday, August 29, 2008

WHH--AOIUU Whats happening-ffdhjzxhdgxjf

~Mi@nu^n 2_5?~


Monday, August 25, 2008

This Was my most fun party ever!
We had a lot of fun...
I only won once at find four! lol!
Heres Some Pictures,

We All rocked cp, but, two of them were just plain AWESOME!

"Lady Maryann" Helped plan this party and helps with my site.

Im glad she came, heres her player card:

And "Triple H3676" Was following me everywhere! He was great at find four ( Thats Why i only won once. )and just was great! here is triples player card:

Thanks to you All!
Until Next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Minuns party!
Please Come!
Its At 7:00 am CPTZ. If you cant come, ill make another party!
When, Tommorow, monday the 25th.
Server: DEEP Snow.
Where: My Igloo, Minun 25.
Please Attened.
Im Hoping Lady Maryann comes.
Until next time, Waddle On!
~Minun 25~

I Need the gold!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

i ran, i swam, and broke my poor back to get the gold! you want it? well heres how!:
Click the medeal in the top right corner to see what youve compleated.

First you have to run a maraphon all around club penguin!
Start behind the starting line in the skii village.
When it says GO start running inside the lines. MAKE SURE YOU LIGHT UP THE LIGHTS.
To light up the light, stop right next to them.
When you finish, go to the iceberg. its the same as the marathon, but its only around the ice berg 3 times, but LIGHT UP THE LIGHTS.
When you finish that, go to the pool and swim back and forth 6 time, BUT LIGHT UP THE LIGHTS.
Well, you did it! claim your medal!

Kage 100 and me want to wish you guys good luck...Like This!:

Good Luck!
Until Next Time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~

The Penguin games free items!

The Penguin Games are so icy cool!
But as i thought, the face paints are BACK!
Here are the locations:
To Find The Red face paints:
1: go to the coffee shop in the town,
2: Click the red face paint over in the left side of the room.

To find the Blue Face paint:
1: go into the pizza parlor in the plazza,
2: go to the blue face paints on the stage.

Until Next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Cant wait for friday! its the penguin games!and since in a member... I can go and play...soccer! Also. want to see the paper?

Also, the face paints MIGHT Come back!

Look at the moose and mullet:

Well, lets wait till tomorrow!
Until next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~


Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey, Remember This Everyone?
Cool, Huh?
Oh, It might not work...

Until Next Time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Igloo catalog secrets!

Here's the igloo catalog secrets,
They are so cool! ( Not Really ) Lol!
To find the first one,
Click the crow bar on the upper right.

To find the next one,
Click the door on the delux snow igloo.

Until next time, Waddle on!

New August Club Penguin Snow & Sports Catalog Secrets!

Heres the sports catolog secrets

1: Is on the cheerleaders pom-pom.

First, click on the penguins surf board.
Next, Click The starfish and clam...

Wala! The Silversurf board!

Until next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~

Hidden Pin Location

Heres The Location of the pin!
Its On the balcony in the stage!

Also, you can throw dodge ball's when you have the pin on
, but only in the stage! :)
Until Next Time, Waddle On! ~Minun25~

Whats This??

Monday, August 11, 2008

What Is this??
Ill Post The Winers.



Until Next Time, Waddle On!

Game Fixed

The Treasure Hunt Game Bug Is Fixed,
Go And Play it!

~Minun 25~

New Buddies.

Here Are My New Buddies.

Mixturey And Ral123!
Pretty Cool. Eh?
Until Next Time, Waddle On!

All My Penguins.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

For anyone who has been wondering, i have 4 penguins. the names are shown here:
First penguin: Minun 25
Second Penguin: Pikachu 900
Third Penguin: Pen Uien: A gift from a friend
Fourth Penguin: Catdog8. i won this one in a contest.
Those Are Them!
Until Next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~

New Poll

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ive got a new poll.
Check It out!
~Minun 25~


Im having A penguin games party!
It Will Be awesome!
When: August 23
Where: My Igloo.
Time: 2:00 pm cptz.
Server: Deep Snow.
Hope You Can Come!
We will start in my igloo and go around cp playing games and having competitions.
I will click 2 lucky penguins randomly.( Luckier if more come. )
Hope You Make It!
( I Also have a new blogroll )
~Minun 25~

Stuff You Might Of Missed.

Stuff You Might Of Missed.
First: Links, i made some pic links on this site, to go to BCPT Penguins ( a new site )Click the button on the left sidebar that reads: BCPT PENGUINS.
To go to Super Smash Penguins, click the pic on the Left sidebar that has a penguin on it and reads: SUPER SMASH PENGUINS. coming august 1st.
Also, i have a weird story hint: go here:
Well, thats all of todays: Stuff you might of missed!
Until Next Time, Waddle On!
~Minun 25~

Little Thing

Roy Is someone working with rockhopper.
If you dont know what i mean. look at Rh's To do list.
Also, The Boots Are Old, They once had black one from RH
Also, The Post i made before this one, Has A weird story.
Until next time, waddle on!
~Minun 25~

A Wierd Thought

THis Is Sooo wIerd, So i was wAlking down the Park, and i met this guy named mArk, and he Really hungry and he was going To the pizza parlor, i asked whY? he said. THIS IS THE DATE.
what??? thatS is reAlly dUmb. yeah Right. Duh, it is reAllY dumb. THEn is today the 1115
that's weird.
( Hint, 15 is Bold like TH. )

~Minun 25~

Super Duper Friday.

Here's Today's Featured Thing, The New Item From Rockhopper!

They are Like the old ones but black.
The Scavenger Paper Boats Are Here! ( No pics, Sorry ) And They are always in water.
Paper Boat 1: Is At The Mine
Paper Boat 2: Is At The Cove At an edge.
Paper Boat 3: Is At The Coffee Shop.
Paper Boat 4: Is at the beach hidden in some rocks.
Paper Boat 5: Is at the pool in the windows.
Paper Boat 6: Is at the pet shop.
Paper Boat 7: Is At the dock.
Paper Boat 8: Is at the Ice berg.
You Have to put Together the pieces and you get a free background!
The Stage is different, Check It out!
Until Next time, Waddle on!

My OTHER Penguin

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who Is this Penguin? Its Mine.
Can YOU crack the mystery?
The Penguins Name starts With A C And ends with a 8
There two common pet names in his name.
The winners will be posted here Good Luck!
Until Next time, Waddle On!
~Minun 25~

Hey Everyone!

I Need you all to go to Mixtureys Site,http://mixturey101.com/
He needs the hits....( I need more but...)
Also, i wont be able to post the newspaper. Sorry.
Also can you help me get hits?
~Minun 25~

New Penguin!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I entered a commenting contest on mixtureys site.
I had made the most comments. I counted
The prize is a free rare penguin
I WON!!!!!

~Minun 25~

Hopping on rocks is fun!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What A meant was...Rock hopper is getting closer!
Check it out. also check out the night club, the dj place is different. I knid of miss the old one though.

~Minun 25~

Funny Pictures

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sweet! A Surfing Puffle!
The Vegtable Monster!

Ya See...People click clicking that "m".....

~Minun 25~

BCPT Penguins.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ever Want your penguin a FEATURED penguin?
Well, go to my new site, BCPT penguins!
On the sidebar ( On THIS site )theres a button that reads: BCPT PENGUINS
So go there! ( On the sidebar theres a e-mail me form message that the forms not ready and stuff. )
Until Then, Waddle On!

~Minun 25~

New Stuff for you and me!

This Catalog is SO icy cool! here are the secrets:

Like It? To Get the Blue viking helmet, open and close the red viking helmet 4 times, and wa-la! Until Next Time, Waddle On!